On the west part of the garden the buildings are open, transparent without roof and/or walls to emphasize the unity with the surrounding nature. The almost massive multipurpose building is situated in the east, where the entrance already surrounded with shops, restaurants and other buildings.



East and west view

The candi kembar is decorated with porcelain and decoration plates, restoring the splendour of the past.

Large Balinese door is added on both sides to facilitates separation of in and out flow of visitors during busy days.

East bridge

Cross section and ground plan

Decorated with four Naga sculptures, flower pots and transparent porcelain blocks.

West bridge

Cross section

Ground plan, size, sculptures and flower pots as east bridge.

Visitors change rooms and toilets

of the upperwest swimming pool

Ground plan

Creating two large change rooms and two jongkok toilet rooms; improving exisiting toilets; fixtures and sinks; tiling, painting and adding ventilation; replacing all plain doors with decorative Balinese doors

Section and

side view

Front and back views


Public bath places and toilets

Of the lower east pancoran

ground plan




East view

Elevation and ground plan



East and west view

The wall is decorated with transparent porcelain blocks, similar to the image of the past.



Front and back views

Roof construction, section and side view