A tribute to their lives, last Saturday 2nd August hundreds of family members, friends and guests gathered during a memorial event for my late parents. Top: reception of guests at the impressive Soekasada Ujung Water Palace, also built by my grandfather twenty-seven years before Tirtagangga. Middle: next to Against all odds book discussion, story telling, entertainment by local singers, exhibition of my father’s paintings etc, highlights of the event included dance performances by (among others, clockwise) my sisters Madelief, Bulantrisna and Surya, my self, my cousins Dayu Agung, Gus Satu and our friends Made Sidia, Pino Confessa and Made Wijaya. Bottom: special for this event my cousin Arini choreographed the lovely Yellow butterflies dance. See also Baliwww.




Thanks to your support and donation, Tirtagangga has been selected as one of the 40 most beguiling gardens of Asia featured in a new illustrated book, Paradise Found: Journeys Through Noble Gardens of Asia. Next to Tirtagangga the selection includes renowned gardens such as the Jahangir’s Tomb garden of Lahore, The Royal botanic garden of Sri Lanka and the Kokyo Higashi Gyoen garden of Tokyo. The book was launched last May 20th by H.R.H. Princess Alexandra during the Chelsea Flower Show in London.


Fire consumed lion–shaped sarcophaguses during the pelebon (cremation) ceremony of my father and two other royal family members. The ceremony was planned next August, but held last Friday, 11th April in accordance with the advise of pedanda’s (high Balinese priests and priestesses) to advance it after the sudden death of one of the deceased. See also Flickr or Baliwww.

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