The staff of Tirtagangga as it was present in August, 15th 2010. Standing from left: Ayu Surya (treasurer), I Ketut Yanag, I Komang Tarmag, my self (chairman), I Nyoman Tinggalg, I Gede Bidengs,  I Nengah Tamant, I Komang Minggut, I Ketut Kembarg, I Wayan Diksas, I Nyoman Iyog (deputy foreman) and A.A. Ardana (foreman). Sitting from left: I Ketut Paseks, I Nengah Pasekg, I Nengah Wikg, I Nyoman Mardanat. I Made Bungt and I Gede Doglirs. Not in the picture: I Made Tisnag (g= gardener, s= securitymen, t= ticketmen).


In joy and dedication, an eclectic group of approx. 50 participants listening and practising yoga during a 5 day Anusara retreat last May, 2010, led by John Friend. The open air aula offers a sense of spaciousness and stunning views of the watergarden. The built in stage is helpful to elevate the teacher for lecture and meditation. The Anusara staff was very rejuvenated and recharged by their time at Tirtagangga and receiving many e-mails from the retreat participants about how shifting and heart-opening the retreat was for them. Feedback to improve the aula and other accommodations has been given and will be implemented to ensure an even more comfortable retreat in the future.


The red arrows (below) show the position of two plaques, made by my grandfather as remembrance of the opening of the watergarden in 1948. The inscription in the Indonesian and Balinese language tells (left): “The construction of the Tirtagangga watergarden started on 2nd January 1948 by His Royal Highness Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, King of Karangasem. To be enjoyed by all nationalities who come to visit. May it result in satisfaction. Not forgetting my thanks to the people of Karangasem who’s contribution was unconditionally. Also to all officials, in particular Mr. H. Snelleman, controller-government advisor for Karangasem for his continuous advises during the completion. As general remembrance I add the following signatures: Signature of the controller-government advisor. Signature of the King of Karangasem”. And (right): “The swimming pools of Tirtagangga completed on 6th September 1948, exactly on the day of the coronation of Her Majesty Juliana, Queen of The Netherlands. Officially opened by Mr. Dr. M. Boon, governor of Bali and Lombok on Saturday 18th September 1948”.


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