Thanks to your donation, one of the recently completed Kala or demon sculptures stands furiously on the edge of the south pond. Carved from natural lava stone by skilled craftsmen from the village of Selat, it belongs to the sculptures of the Bhur area.


Emphasised by full moon in the night, the magnificent vibration of the water gardens resulted in a memorable 3-day art event between 20-22 September, 2002. As part of the culture-sharing between master performers, dancers and musicians from Hawaii, Thailand, Bali and Australia, a group participants shows the large variety and richness of the Balinese costume dress.


Drawings of magical figures, which serve as examples for work nr. Sc102. In accordance with the Triloka concept, these lower world creatures will occupied the Bhur area around the long island of the south pond.


Temporary stages facilitated Pop Bali, an one day pop-musical festival which was held last Sunday 28th july 2002. It emphasises one of the purposes of Tirtagangga as a place of joy for every one. Meanwhile, work nr. Sc102 is progressing as a view more Mahabharata statues can be seen standing majestically on the water in the pond.


Work Gd101 has resulted in a remarkable change about face. Notice the beautiful Bougainvillaea flowers in the Raja's flower pot at the foreground.


The middle-east pond is drained temporary to allow construction of bases for the Mahabharata statues as part of work nr. Sc102. The first statues, Abimanyu and Dursasana, waiting majestically for their fellow Pandawa's and Kurawa's to arrive in the coming months.


After approx. 40 years, a worker is installing a new Raja's flower pot back to its original base around the fountain tower. Together with the row of flower ornaments at the background and the statues, it strongly restores the image of the past.


Thanks to the sculptors from the village of Selat and to the workers under supervision of Agung Bagus, the execution of work nr. Sc101 has resulted in a remarkable improvement of the garden around the fountain tower. Right in the picture is the statue of Wisnu, one of the Nawa Sanga sculptures around the tower.


For their 25th wedding anniversary celebration at Vienna, Austria on 14th December last year, my sister Madelief Hobohm-Djelantik and her husband Sarwar Hobohm (shown below with my father and their children Sophia and Omar) asked their guests not to bring gifts or flowers, but instead to donate for the restoration of the water gardens. The fundraising effort was successful not in the least because of the excellent food as the "Heuriger" cooks it all freshly on the premises.


In aid of the restoration of the water gardens, Erma Sanjaya's company Maha Kemala and Jewel Spirit organised a gala charity fashion and jewellery show at the Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur, Bali last Saturday, 19th January 2002. The picture shows my father in the middle of the beautiful fashion ladies.


Examples of rust free painted steel fences, which will be build around the swimming pools to allow more transparency (Cw111). The figure in the circle is Amertha-Jiwa, the symbol of the puri of Karangasem.