After the completion of works nr. Gd401 and Gd402, work nr. Gd403 will complete the garden plantings at the west side of the gardens. It includes the building of the Amphitheatre on the left, the ponds in front and the Saraswati pond on the right of the Auditorium, shown below at the end of the path. For an overview of the buildings and ponds, please see Buildingplan.


Since the completion of work nr. Gd401, visiting Tirtagangga is like entering a heaven realm. The successful completion of this work is now followed by work nr. Gd402, to complete the beautiful planting at the lower parts of the gardens.


As shown below, many pots have been replanted with beautiful flowers of all sorts and sizes. In the last period, rainy days help ensuring a successful completion of work nr. Gd401.


Below are samples of flowers and plants as part of work nr. Gd401, which will increase the colour- and cheerfulness of Tirtagangga considerably. Clockwise: orange heliconia, yellow honje, yellow fontaderia, red hibrid, puring nuri and lotus. This work is possible thanks to the continuing support from Tides foundation, on the recommendation of Arimathea Fund, in the persons of Mrs. Wendy Grace and Mr. Michael Honack.


On the roof of the completed public changing rooms and toilets (work nr. Cw210), typical features of the Karangasem architecture can be found. The middle of the ridge is decorated with Amertha-Jiwa, the emblem of the Royalty. Notice the clarity of the water, fed directly from the holy spring next to the swimming pool.

In the near future, the next construction will be the construction of the west bridge (work nr. Cw207).  The picture below shows the cross section. For more details, please see Buildingplan.

For the previous descriptions and photos in these latest news, please see images of the past.