As part of the 66th Indonesian independent day celebrations, Tirta Ayu, the guide association Tualen, local authorities and the staff of Tirtagangga organised a happy day, among others with dances, music and games for children. This is in accordance with one of the purposes of the garden, namely to create a place of joy for every one, the local people as well as the domestic and foreign visitors.




The staff of Tirtagangga as it was present in May, 21st 2011. Standing from left: I Wayan Diksas, I Komang Tarmag, I Nyoman Tinggalg, I Nengah Tamant, my self (chairman), I Komang Minggut, A.A. Ardana (foreman), I Ketut Yanag (deputy foreman), I Made Tisnag, I Gede Bidengs, I Nengah Wikg and I Ketut Paseks.

Sitting from left: I Nengah Pasekg, I Nyoman Mardanat, I Gede Doglirs, I Ketut Kembarg and I Made Bungt.

Not in the picture: Ayu Surya (treasurer) and I Nyoman Iyog.

(g= gardener, s= securitymen, t= ticketmen).




Approx. 40 participants of a bicycle tour between Enschede and Hengelo were able to collect 375 for the restoration of Tirtagangga (top left). The tour was well organised by Lincy Bergman, Fenny Euverman en Esmee Boriglione (top right), as part of their tourism study program at ROC-Twente, a regional educational centre in east Holland.

Yvon Wolters who supervised the tour with Jos Klaczynski explained that the tour exactly following the route my father did on 6th October 1944, the day of the Hengelo bombardment (bottom left). Afterwards the participants were entertained by the celebrated singer and song writer of Indonesian origin, Wouter Muller and his band (bottom right).




The construction of the west-bridge (work nr. Cw207) has been well completed, with different design but similar attributes as the east-bridge.


The renovation of the shrine in the middle of the pond at the Swah area (top) and the toilets & change rooms at the upper swimming pool (bottom) has been well completed. Renovation projects are possible thanks to your donation, in these particular cases to the generous contribution from Tirta Ayu.

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