Thanks to your millions of Tripadvisor reviews, Tirtagangga has been ranked as the 2nd most noted landmark in Indonesia, after Borobudur. A better farewell gift for a retiring chairman is not possible.

After managing for 18 years in joy, I am no longer responsible for Tirtagangga. It means that the renovation according to the Masterplan that brings Tirtagangga to prosperity, is also completed.

This website will remain online as a frozen archive of the history of Tirtagangga until 2018.




On March 23rd a visitor wrote:

What a transformation! I was in Tirtagangga before the renovation and can't believe what has been done. Incredible. Such a wonderful place and obviously taken care of with insight, inspiration, knowledge and love. The combination of Balinese culture, landscaping and activities makes the place very special. Either meditate, wander and get inspired by all the stories told through sculptures and fountains, take a swim in one of the beautiful pools, feed the enormous fishes or just enjoy. It is a work in progress and I'm looking forward to visiting again to see the new developments.




The staff of Tirtagangga as it was present in March, 11th 2018. Standing from left: Agung Peter (deputy treasurer), Ketut Kembarg, Agung Darma (secretary), Agung Bagus (deputy chairman), I Ketut Yanag (deputy foreman), I Nyoman Armadag, I Gede Bidengs, I Kadek Bukig, my self (chairman), I Wayan Diksas and Ayu Surya (treasurer). Sitting from left: I Nengah Winartag, I Wayan Murdanag, I Komang Kembarg, I Putu Liongs, I Nengah Pasekg, I Gede Maradas and I Komang Bidengg. Not in the picture: Agung Ardana (foreman), I Ketut Paseks, Mangku Bungt, I Nyoman Tinggals, I Komang Tarmag, Mangku Mardanat and Mangku Tisnat (g= gardener, s= securitymen, t= ticketmen).




Invited by the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs, 38 ambassadors from Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Chile, China, France, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Peru, South Korea, Turkey and many more countries, including representatives from 4 international institutions, visited Tirtagangga in order to promote the islandís tourism following the eruption of Mount Agung. For a group photoshoot, the honourable ambassadors stood with their spouses in joy at the Mahabharata pond.




Today, the Government reduced the exclusion zone of mount Agung from 6 to only 4 kilometres. It means even safer to visit Tirta-gangga at a distance of 12 kilometres from the mount volcano.


Since recently, two beautiful dragons guarding the meditation area on both side of the stair towards the main gate. Their frightful appearance is to ensure that negative energy does not dear to enter the area. As usual in Bali, entrances to temples and other sacred spots are guarded by fierce-looking creatures to deter even the bravest evil spirit.







Due to reduction of Mount Agungís volcano activities, the authorities has issued an announcement today reducing the exclusion zone surrounding the mount Agung from 8-10 to only 6 kilometres.

It means that it is even safer to visit Tirtagangga, which is approximately 12 kilometres from the mount volcano.

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