At the upperwest swimming pool, a labourer is busy fixing roof rafters as part of the construction of the public changing rooms and toilets (work nr. Cw210). The tiny gold coloured decorations in the middle of the fences at front of the pool represent Amertha-Jiwa, the emblem of the Royalty of Karangasem.


The magnificent and holly atmosphere makes Tirtagangga a desirable location to perform artistic and spiritual activities, such as a 1-day pop-musical festival and a 3-day art event in the past. At present, one of the Women of spirit retreats takes place from September 24th to October 3rd, dedicated to the celebration of the body. One of the previous participant’s testimonials: "The richness of the Bali environment, especially Tirtagangga was the setting for a feast for body, mind, emotion and spirit."


If everything goes as planned, the next construction will be the renovation of the public changing rooms and toilets of the upperwest swimming pool (Cw210).  The picture below shows the front view of the building. For more details and explanation, please see Buildingplan.


Chinese influenced shape and ornaments (left) decorate the roof of the lower east bathing place (work nr. Cw307). This is a typical feature of Karangasem architecture,  which can be found at the Puri (palace) of Karangasem (right).


Recently a donor wrote:

“… It is a place that I hold very dear to my heart.  I felt renewed and reborn while at Tirtagangga and forever changed.  To this day, 3 years later, I incorporate these changes and new understandings into my life.

I was so pleased to happen on to your website and see the work that you and your team have done!  How exciting!  From the photos on the website it looks like much work has already been completed.  The statues, bridges and flowers look beautiful as do the newly cleaned and repaired pools!  I feel so much joy when I look at how beautiful it looks!

I have donated … to your foundation today …  It is not much but it is the least that I can do to help in your efforts to perpetuate the splendor Tirtagangga for the people of Bali as well as others.  Bali and especially Tirtagangga have had such a huge impact on my life! …” 


You may notice that this website has not been updated from last August. The reason is that my beloved wife, Marike Reijntjes, was very ill and finally passed away last January 7th. Once my strength returns the website will be actualised, but when I do not know yet. Meanwhile, your donation for continuing the restoration of the water gardens in the future remains most welcome.