Initiated by the local community, a 3-day cultural event will be held at the watergardens from 22nd up to 24th December 2006. The event promises to be a feast of exploring local talents and art values from the area. The program includes gading band, traditional dances, Rindik music, genggong, cepung semalung, genjek and modern theatre, art reading, fine arts and more.


The staff of Tirtagangga, as it was present in October, 2006. Standing from left: I Made Bung, I Nengah Taman, I Nyoman Mardana, my self,  I Ketut Yana, I Gede Mokoh, I Komang Sutarma, I Komang Tinggal, I Komang Minggu, I Ketut Pasek. Sitting from left: I Wayan Diksa, I Komang Armada, I Nengah Pasek and I Nengah Wik. Not in the picture: I Ketut Kembar, I Wayan Subrata, I Gede Doglir, Agung Ngurah Adi and I Made Tisna.


Like bidadari (beautiful angels) visiting the holy gardens from the sky, six ladies swam in the Versailles (upper-middle) pond. Notice that the water fountains were much larger than the present ones. This and more photos will be added soon to the images of the past.


Carefully installation of electric lights (left) without blinding spots will allow visitors to enjoy the gardens not only in daylight, but also in the night. Occasionally, switching off the electricity and replacing it with dozens of oil lamps (right) will make an evening walk in the garden an unforgettable experience. For more details, see lightingplan.


Work nr. Gd403 has improved the west part of the gardens considerably. Top: Karangasem-style shaped ponds decorated the front side of the Auditorium. Middle: New-planted grass plugs will soon fill in the stage of the amphitheatre, bordered by sitting area (left) and royal palms (right). Bottom: the statue of Saraswati, divinity manifestation and protector of knowledge, learning, art and literature, was enthusiastically moved to the Saraswati pond at the Swah area. With proud and admiration the master sculptor, pak Warka, and some workers looked at the statue just after installation.


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