Family, relatives, friends and many people in and outside Bali mourned the passing of my father on Wednesday, 5th September 2007 at Denpasar’s central hospital. His coffin was decorated with offerings, flowers, food, drink, perfumes, spare clothes and other personal belongings. This was to comfort and accompany him day and night, as we believe that before cremation the soul is still present. We played for him both Balinese gong and classical music, especially Mozart and Handel, which were his favourites.


For everyone who wants to know more about Triloka, the Balinese Hindu-Buddhism concept of the cosmos, Mr. Thomas Moog has done a comprehensive study in the German language by explaining the representation of this concept in Tirtagangga. Surf at www.moogbooks.com, or click directly on the chapters below.

Einleitung Götter Geister Krieger


The gardens resume its recreational function after falling trees and other rubbish from the cyclone Jacob have been cleared away. The platform of the destroyed auditorium is now clean and empty, waiting for the construction to be reerected on the remaining foot blocks.


Bad news! Like many places in and around Bali, last Thursday March 8th Tirtagangga was severe damaged by the outer edge of the tropical cyclone Jacob. Many trees fell down (left) and the Auditorium was completely destroyed (right). The cyclone started from southeast of Christmas Island last March 4th and will arrive in northwest Australia next March 12th.

A careful inventory of the damage will adjust the Masterplan to bring Tirtagangga back to its splendour shape. Your donation is needed more than ever.

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