In Bali, female labourers contributing in construction works is a common practise. As shown in the pictures below, they took part in the rebuilding of the southern outer wall, which was collapsed in December last year caused by soil- en water-erosion.




The staff of Tirtagangga as it was present in May, 10th 2009. Standing from left: I Made Bungt, A.A. Ardana (foreman), I Ketut Paseks, I Nyoman Tinggalg, I Gede Doglirs, I Nengah Pasekg, I Ketut Kembarg, my self (chairman), I Gede Bidengs,  I Wayan Diksas, A.A. Sudiksa (deputy foreman) and Ayu Surya (treasurer). Sitting from left: I Ketut Yanag, I Nengah Wikg, I Komang Tarmag, I Komang Minggut, I Nengah Tamant and I Nyoman Mardanat. Not in the picture: I Made Tisnag and I Nyoman Iyog (g= gardener, s= securitymen, t= ticketmen).


The pictures below show work nr. Cw311 to rebuild the auditorium, which collapsed during the tropical cyclone Jacob in 2007. With your lasting support and donation, the next construction may be the west bridge of the south pond.


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