To depict the endless transition of men between good (deity) and bad (demon), eight lifelike sculptures have been erected in a circle at the meditation area, the most magical part at the north-west corner of the garden. Clockwise: man-deity, deity, deity-woman, woman, woman-demon, demon, demon-man, man, and back to man-deity.

In Bali Hinduism-Buddhism, the endeavour of life is to follow the path (Dharma) to reach Moksha (Nirvana), the ultimate freedom, even from good, bad, life and other illusions like freedom it self.

As Dharma can not be forced, men is subject to a never-ending struggle in the depicted circle (Samsara), unless Moksha is reached.


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In joy, Tirtagangga staff-members I Ketut Pasek, I Gede Doglir and I Komang Kembar participated in the preparations of a Mecaru-Resigana-Melaspas ceremony, a cleansing and blessing festivity held last April, 26th to celebrate the wellbeing of the garden since renovation started in 2000 according to the masterplan.

Between the ponds, Buddha (left) and Shiva (right) priests intermediated in full concentration the prayers of Royal family members and guests, expressing thankfulness for what has been achieved and wishes to continue the prosperity in the future.

The ceremony was accomplished with among others Topeng (mask) dances, which are not only an entertainment to please deity, men and demons alike, but also an indispensable sacral part of the ceremony.




The staff of Tirtagangga as it was present in April, 25th 2015. Standing from left: Ayu Surya (treasurer), Gung Peter (deputy treasurer), I Nengah Tamant, I Wayan Diksas, I Gede Bidengs, I Ketut Yanag (deputy foreman), my self (chairman), I Komang Minggut, I Komang Kembarg, I Ketut Kembarg, Gung Bagus (deputy chairman) and Gung Dharma (secretary). Sitting from left: I Made Bungt, I Komang Tarmag, I Nyoman Tinggalg, I Nengah Pasekg, I Gede Doglirs and I Ketut Paseks. Not in the picture: I Nengah Wikg, A.A.G. Ardana (foreman), I Nyoman Mardanat, I Made Tisnag and I Nyoman Iyog. (g= gardener, s= securitymen, t= ticketmen).

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