A tooth filing Mepandes ceremony has been held at Tirtagangga.

Nowadays performed slightly to avoid damage of tooth enamel on the sharp ends of canine teeth, tooth filing symbolizes the diminishing of coarse, beastly or savage characteristics which may occur in one’s mind, feelings, behaviour or appearance. As it increases attractiveness both physically and spiritually for the opposite sex, the ceremony should preferably be done during adolescence. However, this beautification rite is of such importance that when not performed during life time, it may be applied to corpses before cremation.



Words fall short to express our shock and grief that Made Wijaya, a faithful friend, suddenly passed away in Sydney last Sunday August 28th at the age of 63. Although not involved with the gardening, Made was always concerned about Tirtagangga. Left: drawing by Made of my Puri Kodok gate. Right: Made at front of the gate in 2013. Never too shy for an extravagant appearance or statement, he labelled the picture “the new room service uniform of Tirtagangga”.



Tirtagangga has been selected by TripExpert as a winner of their 2016 Experts' Choice Award. Each year, TripExpert recognizes the best attractions around the world, based on professional reviews from over 70 top travel guides, magazines and newspapers.




During an outing, the staff of Tirtagangga visited Ujung, another water palace built by my grandfather. Accompanied by my deputy and cousin Agung Bagus (white cap), the staff was pleasantly welcommed and escorted around the park by the manager, I Nyoman Matal (stripes shirt).



Dear visitors, thank you for your continuous heartwarming comments at Tripadvisor. Just a vew of your reviews last week:

˝A marvel ... a place of enchantment ... in the top five of the most beautiful places I've seen ...˝

˝Most beautiful water temple in whole Bali ...˝

˝If you go there, it's just if you're in a movie ...˝

˝I wish I was dressed better as you're able to take amazing photos here ...˝

˝It took us almost 3 hours to get to Tirtagangga but boy, was it worth it! The place took our breath away ... this was easily the best part of our trip!˝

˝I was overwhelmed and was brought to tears upon entering this place ... nothing like I have ever seen ...˝



With a striking slap on a gong, I Gusti Ayu Mas Sumatri, mayor of Karangasem, opened a 2 days Tirtagangga festival to promote arts, crafts and culture of the region. Attended by public, artists, Royal family members, local and national officials, the event shows typical Karangasem performances such as wayan cilik, joged bumbung, cekepung, genjek tembang, arja muani, gebug ende and bondres.



Between the eight lifelike sculptures that depict the endless transition of men between good (deity) and bad (demon), meditative ornaments have been laid on the floor of the meditation area.


From centre to outermost circle:

- Padma (lotus), symbol of beauty and purity, encourages meditation free from attachment and desire, just like the lotus it self is unstained while rising from unclean, muddy water.

- Rwabhineda (Rwa = two, Bhineda = different), Balinese black-white poleng decoration on banners, statues, trees etc, expressing dualism, the presence of opponent energies in all what exist.

- Yin-Yang, equivalent to Rwabhineda, basic principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine, T'ai chi, Qigong, I Ching etc, telling us that there is for example no darkness (Yin) without lightness (Yang), that there is always light within dark, and vice versa.

- Chakra (wheel), has many meaning such as Vhisnu's weapon, circle of life, Shiva's wheel, energy nodes in the subtle body etc, refers to the eastern circular logic that opponents are equal, in contrast with the western Aristotelian linear logic that A can not be equal to non-A. Like a wheel, opponents like day-night, happiness-sadness, cause-effect (Kharma-Pala), right-wrong, creation-preservation-expiration (Trimurti), life-death (reincarnation) etc. pursue each other for ever in circles seeking for balance and harmony when they are desired as real, instead of as manifestations of the only, simultaneously full and empty, not by dualism distorted reality (Hinduism: Brahman, Buddhism: Sunyata, Adibuddha,Taoism: Tao, Dao, Zen: Mu etc.)

- Yin-Yang in the shape of fishes, to honour the richness and beauty of those manifestations, represented by the magnificent inhabitants of the ponds of Tirtagangga.

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